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Esther Phiri must sue for wrong HIV positive test – UTH Doctor

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Esther Phiri

Esther Phiri

A Senior Medical Doctor at Zambia’s biggest Hospital, UTH, says Boxer Esther Phiri who was wrongly diagnosed of being HIV positive should take legal action, reports Zambian Eye’s Owen Miyanza

Esther who was forced to go for early retirement disclosed this week that she was coming back to the ring after she discovered that the HIV test was wrong.

Dr. Mulindi Mwanahamuntu, a senior Medical doctor observes that the matter is serious as it affects Esther’s job and also the confidence people will have on the tests.

“There is an issue of her job here. There is a medical issue also of obligation to release authenticated results by medical personnel,” Dr Mwanahamuntu popularly known as Dr. Mwanas told Zambian Eye

HIV test results have had many years of existence of western blot, a confirmatory test that ensures that hospitals neither cause indirect injury or direct injury leading to blood transfusion of infected blood,” he explained. “If she questions the practice that lead to numerous FALSE tests that legitimacy re assures public belief in the medical system.”

Dr. Mwanahamuntu says the Boxer has a course to take legal action.

“Ester Phiri has a course to sue starting with a complaint at HPCZ if some one deliberately played with her carrier or even unintentionally used expired test kit or reagents. Whichever was, even if she doesn’t want to get rich in this way, to correct this situation will be to human service,” a Medical Doctor told Zambian Eye today, May 3, 2014.

Esther Phiri’s revelation story can be read by clicking here.



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