ERB is mocking democracy says Electoral Expert

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Electoral Expert MacDonald Chipenzi has charged that the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) is mocking democracy.

Chipenzi says the recent ERB’s public consultations on the proposed electricity tariffs increment by ZESCO has exposed how the country has slipped into practicing mock democracy of late.

He said this in a press statement below to Zambian Eye, Friday morning.

Press Statement
For Immediate Release
May 12, 2017


The recent Energy Regulation Board (ERB)’s public consultations on the proposed electricity tariffs increment by ZESCO has exposed how the country has slipped into practicing mock democracy of late.
It has also exposed how state institutions are abusing public resources supposed to be for quality service delivery just to meet a mere “fixture” of the law and accrue easy financial allowances.
It was clear that ERB, regardless of the directions of the public views and opinions in their submissions on the proposed electricity tariff increment, the Board would not have overturned the submission from the “almighty” witness in the name of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, who, in this case, was the alpha and omega on this matter as it was important for him to meet the conditions of the International Monetary Fund.
The fact that the President blatantly submitted that electricity tariff upward adjustment by ZESCO was non-negotiable, it was predictable that ERB would just rubberstamp the President’s submission and later conduct an academic consultative process for them to earn some allowances.
It doesn’t matter how many times ZESCO will increase its electricity tariffs, as long as incompetence coupled with political interference, lust for luxurious and extravagant conditions of services at the expense of service delivery to the consumers and over employment continue, the electricity provider will never improve its service to the citizens.
It is my sincere fear that even the consultations on the International Criminal Court (ICC) outcomes may be manipulated in like manner public opinions, views and submissions on the proposed electricity tariff increment have been ignored or manipulated to suit the desires and interests of the “almighty” should he also submit that Zambia must withdraw from the ICC.
The ERB saga should act as a warning shot to citizens and also a precursor of what is likely to happen to other public consultations such as the ICC and the Commission of Inquiry on the Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence whose reports have been stayed away from the public eyes and ears.
It is important therefore that government lives up to the true meaning of democracy and the principle of government by consultations through the respect of citizens’ concerns, views, interests and opinions on various matters on which they are consulted to avoid apathy in future when such consultations are proposed.
Just like in an election, when the outcomes are not pleasing to citizens, apathy creeps in and undermines the credibility of future electoral events. Therefore, ERB has set a bad precedence for the future consultations. In a democracy, majority views cannot be overruled by one view. This is a pure case of mockery of democracy by ERB.

McDonald Chipenzi
Electoral Expert


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  1. Hammer ba roomie!!

    May 12, 2017 at 1:12 pm

  2. The ERB is a toothless body.

    May 12, 2017 at 5:19 pm

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