Amasuku, aka wild loquats…nutritious fruit, helps stabilizing blood pressure

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wild loquats in a tree-1By Asunta Simoloka

Known as amasuku in Zambia and botanically referred to as uapaca kirkiana, wild loquats demonstrate the wonders of wild fruits.  This nutritious fruit also go by ‘sugar plum.’

Wild loquats are rich in pectin, a type of fiber extremely potent for burning fat, balancing blood sugar, stabilizing blood pressure, controlling cholesterol, and eliminating harmful blood fats known as triglycerides.

Pectin also promotes colon health thereby preventing or easing constipation and fighting against colon cancer.  The presence of pectin makes wild loquats an extremely powerful detox and blood purifying tool; pectin has the ability to prevent toxicity from drugs, remove heavy metals like lead from the blood, and generally cleanse blood.

wild loquats aka masukufresh wild loquat fruitsLike other unprocessed plant foods, wild loquats are rich in phyto-nutrients which are compounds that give plant foods their color, taste, smell, texture, and other distinctive features.

Phyto-nutrients are believed to be among the key aspects that make unprocessed plant foods healthy and effective for fighting a wide range of diseases including cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

Wild loquats have a class of phyto-nutrients known as flavonoids, tied by various studies to low death rates, low incidence of heart disease, and decreased prevalence of cancer.

wild loquatsOther nutrients present in wild loquats include potassium, B vitamins, manganese, copper, iron, and vitamin A.   Potassium is essential for maintaining a healthy heart rhythm and facilitating general body movements while vitamin A ensures healthy vision.

Copper and iron are used for producing red blood cells and boosting blood oxygen levels.  Foods high in manganese promote strong and healthy bones, improve nerve function, and encourage reproductive health.
The body uses B vitamins for production of energy, maintaining brain function, formation of red blood cells, and other important roles

The possibility that wild loquats are healthy to a much greater extent than we are aware is very high.  Information on nutrients unique to wild loquats or other indigenous wild fruits is rather scanty because very few studies focus on such foods.  Most known nutrients in wild loquats are those shared among loquats and other fruits in general.  So go ahead and enjoy those amasuku and reap all the benefits, known and unknown.

Hypertension tip

The Mediterranean diet high in legumes and low in meat has been shown to control blood pressure


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