Emulate PF, get your supporters registered, opposition political parties urged

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Political analyst Trevor Simumba has urged opposition political parties to put more focus in getting their supporters registered as voters, and avoid being crying babies after they would have lost elections.

This follows the announcement by the Electoral Commission of Zambia that eligible Zambians who will not register during the 2020 Voter Registration exercise will not be able to vote in the 2021 General Elections and future elections conducted under the new register of voters.

“Eligible Zambians who will not register will only be eligible to vote in future elections when the Commission undertakes another voter registration exercise after the 2021 General Elections,” said the Commission.

The Commission is calling upon all eligible Zambians to register during the 2020 Voter Registration exercise even if one is currently registered.

“If you do not register you will not vote in the 2021 General Elections. The current Voters card will not be used in the 2021 general elections,” added ECZ.

However, Simumba says; “There is a lot of misplaced anger and frustration amongst our friends in the opposition. Focus on getting your supporters to register to vote. Complaining and shouting rigging will not help you.

“While you are busy making noise on social media the PF is busy ensuring that its supporters get NRCs sonthey can register to vote.”

He adds; “All across the compounds in Lusaka mobile NRC registrations going on and PF is providing transport and allowances to youths. Just go to any big compound and you will see for yourself.

“Was Kwa Kamanga the other day and found long queues and people telling me how they were told that there was cash being handed out for registering to vote.”


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