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Elder brother to convicted abductor burnt to death

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Two people in Mumbwa District have been killed by an irate mob during a riot after information went round that another person had been killed and private parts removed.

The two include prominent Nkeyema Businessman Sikaonga Enerst popularly known as Yakaipa and his friend David Mwakiyoma a Tanzanian who was burnt by the rioting mob.

The incident happened yesterday.

However , reports has it that Sikaonga, one of the businessmen killed by a mob on suspicion of being a ritual killer is the elder brother of convicted Chalala abductor, Mathews Sikaonga.

The riots started after the murder of Mwiya Kashweka whom the mob suspected that his heart and private parts were removed.

One person was in the process apprehended by the members of the public and taken to the police which provoked the situation.

Police Deputy Spokesperson Danny Mwale confirmed the incident saying many Mumbwa residents descended on the Police demanding that the suspect be handed over to them which led to Police running battles with the residents to bring about peace.

Mwale says various public buildings have been destroyed by the rioting residents among them a Veterinary office being burnt to ashes, windows for the Police, Immigration and National Registration offices were all broken down.

He says two motor vehicles which were involved in an accident were also burnt, four private vehicles had their windows shattered while two officers were injured in the process.

Some shops at the market have also been looted by a mob.

Police in the area received reinforcement of officers from the Zambia Air Force and Department of Wildlife among others, Mwale said.

He says investigations have been instituted.


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