EIZ should audit mining firms for possible unqualified engineering employees – UPND

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The opposition UPND has called on the Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) to audit all mining firms in the country to ascertain that all who are employed as engineers have the required qualifications.

UPND Chairman for Mines Percy Chanda notes that the EIZ is a product of the Act of Parliament and as such has the responsibility to ensure that there is total compliance by all practicing engineers in the mining firms to register their qualifications with EIZ.

In a statement, Chanda says such an audit will make it easier for Government to implement the equal pay for equal work.

“EIZ should audit all engineering employees on the mines including Contractors. By so doing, it will be easier for any responsible Government to implement the equal pay for equal work. It’s shocking that after what happened in the past some mining firms still employ ill qualified people. As if this is not enough these same people are promoted to very senior positions and are responsible for frustrating and ill treating Zambians with proper qualifications. In the past most conflicts came from such people holding inferior qualifications. Even now these ill qualified people feel very insecure and toss Zambians anyhow,” Chanda stated.

“I’m yet to come across a Zambian Physics Teacher employed anywhere in the World as a Metallurgical Engineer running a Smelter as a Manager and yet we have such a case here in Zambia. UPND will work very closely with the EIZ so that all qualification papers are scrutinized properly before one is issued with a work permit. We know this is too complicated for PF, who only specialize in dancing Dununa Reverse which they dance like mad people. This carelessness has robed Zambians of jobs.”

Chanda added: “In the past it was something else that mattered for one to be promoted. In the early 80s there was a wildcat strike that was ignited by such behavior on the mines. Zambians were fed up of being supervised by people with inferior or no qualifications. This forced the UNIP Government to come up with a policy of Zambianization. This somehow created room for qualified Zambians to rise in their jobs depending on one’s qualifications. However this did not bring about the equal pay for equal work as some animals were still more important than others.

“It’s very shameful that even after the law was enacted and EIZ created, this kind of behavior is still going on in our midst. What’s wrong with us? EIZ should audit all its members from Engineers to Artisans on all the mines. We have had enough of this nonsense on the mines. Once this audit is done let the EIZ publish its findings for the public to see how many jobs have ended up in wrong hands. We cannot continue with business as usual.”


2 Responses to EIZ should audit mining firms for possible unqualified engineering employees – UPND

  1. this is a good call,in addition to that, let me say that this is also an eye opening to the engineering sector. in sence that people with qualifications like those holding craft certificates and are registered members of EIZ are finding it difficult to get employed because of high levels of corruption in our country,hence opportunities are there and highly for casual workers holding no any qualification at all in place of those holding qualifications in those fields of work. consequently being educated in Zambia seems not to be having any impact and value at all.

    mwape isaac
    April 16, 2019 at 12:37 pm

  2. This is a good move…..EIZ take this serious, alot of companies are employing unqualified people or let me say casual workers as engineers,people spend years to study various engineering courses and when they graduate all their pisitions are filled with nincompumps and they end being in streets notufyola munuma,engineering courses are loosing value everyday because of the unqualified people in the companies.

    April 16, 2019 at 4:40 pm

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