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According to the Patriotic Front (PF) Constitution, the public institutions are supposed to be headed by Party Cadres.

Does this go to justify the barbaric hounding out of office of a poor woman Civil Servant at Public Works and Supply in full view of the Permanent Secretary Lenox Kalonde who is the CEO of the Ministry?

So would we be wrong to think the CEO is actually a Cadre who shamelessly watched her subordinate being harassed by his Cadres without doing anything?

Would we be wrong to conclude that he (PS) could have even invited the Thugs to sort out the poor woman after he discovered she was not a Green (PF) like him? That she is a Red (UPND).

Do these PF Thugs now want all Civil Servants to be their Cadres? What happens with the multi party system of governance and freedom of choice right enshrined in the Republican constitution?

What is happening? Did the PF secretly amend their constitution at their just ended General Conference where there was no voting that all workers in government must be cadres just like their Heads?

They must tell us.

At least we know though many Zambians don’t that the Heads are their members.

Where are these Thugs getting the audacity to go into a Government office and hound a poor Civil Servant out? Whose directive are they carrying?

These are questions we challenge Edgar Lungu and his Government to respond to. This is serious unless they are telling us that Zambia is now a failed State.

Edgar must realise that he was sworn into office to be president of all Zambians and he has a duty to protect them.

For many Zambians this incident would be putting President Lungu’s reputation in bad light. They would be forgiven to conclude that Zambia is now a police state, in which the gun leads politics and not vice-versa.

Could this be the mark of a Dictator? While at face value, Lungu and the police preach peace their sincerity would remain questionable untill they get to the bottom of the story and bring culprits to book.

President Lungu now has a task to make sure that he clears his name by seeing to it that just is not only served, but be seen by all Zambians being served. Any ‘catch and release’ scenario would then sink his reputation deeper.


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