ECZ should allow UPND file in nominations or call off the Kasenegwa by-election – Ndoyi

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A young  politician from the party that pioneered Multipartism in the country the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has described the culture which has started to slowly creep into the country’s democracy were candidates are disappearing on nomination day as an elaborate strategy by enemies of democracy to derail the nation’s democratic growth.
Prince Ndoyi who is also former ZANASU Vice President has called for an emergency meeting by the electoral body’ commissioners to ensure that the opposition UPND find a candidate and file in nominations after their candidate allegedly disappeared with money and materials meant for nomination.
Commenting on the UPND candidate who bolted at the eleventh hour, the outspoken youth leader said no well meaning Zambian should celebrate the cancer which is slowly eating away the country’s democracy fought for by its fore fathers and now being destroyed by suspected elements with intentions to prolong their stay in power.
He explained that his comments should not be misconstrued to be targeted at any individual political party but that it was about the country’s democracy and the little democratic gains the country has made over the years which are about to be wiped out by those with “money bags.”
He added that with insinuations that the UPND candidate was bought the nation should not be shocked to hear that the UPND had pulled out of the dialogue process and the peace accords they have signed with the PF.
“…We may not be surprised if UPND today dismiss calls for national dialogue, I think we have underestimated the Opposition and laying too much stock in our own infallibility, we may soon realise that we have boxed ourselves into a tight corner.
“We have a danger of “democratic wildfires” today, which is precisely what led our Founding Fathers of our democracy to establish checks and balances in the form of tightly circumscribed voting rights, where the voter is allowed the right to choose even from weaker candidates. It is our God given duty to guard our democracy from the tyranny of the majority and the passions of the mob. The Founders constructed large, hefty barriers between the popular will and the exercise of power.
“This should not be misunderstood for anything, this is not about UPND nor is it about PF. This is about democracy, and the little democratic gains we have made over the years. PF and UPND are nothing but tiny little dots on the map of Zambia, and therefore we are all tasked to protect our future,” Ndoyi said.
He adds “As an infant democracy, we cannot all fold our hands and sleep peacefully at night while celebrating that finally UPND is disintegrating. As a young person who prides in the hopes of our democracy I refuse to remain silent and be party to this. This is a cancer that should be amputated forthwith. And its only fair that Dr Banda must be summoned to the police to answer the difficult questions.”
And Ndoyi urged the opposition UPND to formally complain to Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) about the incident with their candidate so that the electoral body can envoke its powers and allow them to find another candidate who can file in nominations.
“Therefore, we call upon the UPND to formally complain to ECZ that a candidate ran away with a certificate, material and money purported for use in the election. And the ECZ commissioners must quickly convene to hear out the UPND and allow them to file in or else call off this election till further notice.
“ECZ cannot afford not to sanitise this corruption at this juncture or else we may not be having elections in future because candidates will be pulling out. They must protect their role.
He has since called on the ECZ to take this opportunity to revive and salvage their dwindling fortunes as a credible electoral body with teeth to bite.
“This “elections integrity” is now left for the commission(ECZ) to suck out the venom from unprincipled style of politics being exhibited by the immoral lot as a way to retain its image, independence, strength, credibility and  intergrity. Its there duty to secure the nation’s voting system and safeguarding the voter’s right to a fair choice in a health democracy,” he said.
Meanwhile Ndoyi has called for the immediate arrest of Faustin Banda for obtaining money by false pretence.
He said individuals should not be allowed to hold the country’s entire electoral system at ransom thereby jeopardising the country’s democracy.
The young politician has been incensed by the recent behaviour of politicians whom he said are using the bellies to think at the expense of providing credible checks and balances as well as the development of the country.
The opposition UPND on Thursday suffered an embrassment after their candidate disappeared a few hours before nominations for the forth coming Kasenengwa parliamentary by election. The opposition has further accused the ruling party of going on rampage buying opposition councillors and causing deliberate local government by elections at the expense of taking development to the people.

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