Drama in Parliament as Ministers slap and pour water on Kambwili

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Chishimba Kambwili

The bad blood between Chishimba Kambwili reportedly turned physical this afternoon, with the Road MP telling Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini that Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo and Lands Minister Jean Kapata had assaulted him outside Parliament.
Rising on a point of order, the former Information minister alleged that Lusambo followed him outside the House and slapped him before Kapata showed up moments later and poured a bottle of water on him.
And Speaker Dr Matibini has warned MPs that at the rate things are going, they risk turning Parliament into “a platform for fists of fury”.
“I was standing with Honourable Kalaba and Honourable Lusambo came and said ‘we are going to deal with you for your accusations against government.’ I did not answer him and he slapped me [with] two slaps. Two slaps in the presence of Honourable Kalaba and the national secretary for the MMD, Mr (Raphael) Nakacinda. While I was retreating, Jean Kapata came with a bottle of water… (Speaker Dr Matibini interjects, ordering Kambwili to refer to Kapata as Honourable),”
Kambwili, revealed.
“I apologise for referring to her as Jean and let me say Honourable Jean Kapata. She came [to] where I was [and] sprinkled a full bottle of water on me and started insulting me; hard insults that I cannot mention on the radio! The only thing I told her [is that] if you are a thief, what saying affects you but if you are not a thief, why attack me? And I came back to the Chamber. Are these two Honourable members of parliament in order to start behaving like thugs at the National Assembly premises without taking due regard of their responsibilities that the people of Zambia have sent them to this House (for)? Are they in order to attack me at the precincts of Parliament? I need your serious ruling. I thank you, Mr Speaker.”
In his ruling, Speaker Dr Matibini promised that the alleged scuffle of the lawmakers would be investigated.
“Obviously, these incidents, allegedly, happened outside the floor of the House and therefore, they need to be investigated. Once they are investigated, of course, the House will be appraised of the next course of action. That is my ruling,” ruled Speaker Dr Matibini.
Meanwhile, Speaker Dr Matibini said he would not allow the House to degenerate into a platform of fists.
“The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, let the Honourable member for Roan complete the point of order without interference. At the rate we are going, there is a risk that we could turn this place into a platform for fists of fury. It has been done elsewhere and not very far from here; even in Parliaments where we least expected, that kind of conduct has happened and I will not allow this House to degenerate to those levels,” said Speaker Dr Matibini.

“I’m very alive about the political challenges that are going on – I know them. They are very familiar challenges but that is not the reason for this House to degenerate because of those peculiar [and] limited challenges. It’s a pity that they (parliamentary challenges) are not being resolved quickly elsewhere [and] so, they are manifesting themselves here. But I’ll not allow this to degenerate.”


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