Draft constitution not for Barotseland

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Mongu residents have rubbished the first released draft constitution as they are no longer part of Zambia.

Situmbeko Musialela a resident of Mongu during a programme dubbed Community Connection on local Radio Station Liseli explained that the omission of the Baroste agreement of 1964 in the draft constitution and also the declaration of the Baroste national council in March is a clear indicator to barostes that they are no longer part of Zambia.

Mr. Musialela said if the people of Zambia need help and suggestions from the people of Barotseland over their new constitution they are free to do so.

The resident wondered why a learned technical committee overlooking the draft constitution can still choose to omit mentioning the country that united with northern Rhodesia to form Zambia a unitary state, but opted to leave the preamble as it is.

He said a Zambia could not be a unitary state without the unification of the two named countries.

And Zambian Eye has leanrt that barely twenty days remaining for the closure of receiving submissions towards the draft constitution, many constituency offices in districts in Western Province have not received the paper.


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