Dr. Kaunda’s Son loses UNIP presidency

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Tilyenji Kaunda

Zambia’s first president Kenneth Kaunda’s Son Tilyenji has lost the election to continue as president of UNIP, reports Asa Manda.

The Kaunda’s family had held on to the leadership of UNIP the former ruling party since losing power to MMD in 1991. Tilyenji has been the president of UNIP for 20 years without holding elections.

With a requirement in the new constitution that political parties must hold internal elections before participating in a country’s election, Kaunda’s son called for an extra ordinary elective general assembly from 2nd to 4th April 2021 at Premier Hotel.

Tilyenji (in red) confer with Bishop Mwamba during the deliberations

Tilyenji run against an old vocal former lawmarker Timothy Nyirenda and an Angilican Church Priest Bishop Trevor Mwamba.

Bishop Trevor Mwamba

Bishop Mwamba who beat Kaunda has described the development as a new dawn for UNIP, which he says has for the past 20 years been in a ‘political coma’

Bishop Mwamba, an Anglican priest, polled 235 votes beating Tilyenji Kaunda, who got 201 votes, while Nyirenda scored a paltry 28 votes.

The humiliation defeat was not only for Tilyenji but also those who served with him such as his Vice president Njekwa Anamela and Secretary General Rev. Alfred Banda. Our Reporter Asa Manda says Tilyenji Kaunda left the gathering immediately after the presidential results were announced and refused to comment on the outcome.

Timothy Nyirenda

While Nyirenda earlier during his address discredit the assembly as shame. He said UNIP had been run like a monarchy by the Kaundas saying he was participating under protest.

“UNIP has for the past 20 years been in the tomb of political coma and it has today resurrected,” said the new leader who has promised to rebuild on the party’s initial values.

Tilyenji and his team won the Lusaka province vote with a landslide but lost in the provinces.

It now remains to see how the new leadership will steer the party with only four months before the August 2021 general elections.


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