Dr Canisius Banda says Sons of sluts have faked the story that he has joined PF

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Canisius Banda

Dr Canisius Banda has rubbished the story circulating on social media that he has joined the ruling Patriotic Front ( PF ) and that he has praised government for incarcerating UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Dr Banda who served as Vice president in-charge of politics in UPND before resigning after elections in responding to a query said the story was fake.

“Kindly use this statement as my response to that story.

‘No, Owen. That story is NOT from me. It is NOT true. It is fake news.

…Idiotic. Very silly stuff this. Evil.

How can the Dr Canisius BANDA I know, the Pilgrim I am, say such inane and stuoid things? Impossible.

But thanks for their compliment anyway…

Brood of vipers are behind this.

Sons of sluts!”

Below is the story:


“Arrest all UPND members, they are like Bokp Haram in my eyes…..”, he said.

Former UPND vice-president for politics,Dr.Banda has today joined the ruling PF calling his former party and its leader Hakainde Hichilema and UPND as politically dead.

Dr Banda says,he wants to work with president Edgar Lungu and the PF to develop Zambia. And when asked to state some reasons why he has joined the PF when HH was incarceration? He responded by saying,’How do you feed a cow when its dead?’ “The man is dead in prison and I have been told he wont be released soon. So why should I support a dead man politically?”. I praise president Lungu for his incarceration because he could have caused civil war if he was not caged. Now that he is inside, the country is calm and we like it”, said Banda.

He added that President Lungu has a vision for Zambia and means well to the Zambia people. He is loved by everyone adding that one of his many visions was to lock stubborn people like HH.
:Yes, HH helped me a lot financially, but that cant make me to worship him because he acquired that wealth through privatization”,he said. “So he was paying back!”.

Dr Banda claimed to have been blind the time he was with the UPND.

“I followed Hichilema,a visionless man,blindly.I thank God that Am not part of treason….”

“But Zambians should not mistake my joining of PF led by my brother Edgar Lungu to tribalism”, he said. ”

He also said he has technically been a PF member since President Sata died. “I have been a PF member since 2014, so my official joining of PF should not surprise anyone”, he said.

Dr Banda,popularly known as the Pilgrim on Facebook,has since likened his former party (UPND),to Boko Haram.

“Let all of them be arrested including GBM, I have no pity for them as they are like Boko Haram in my sight”.


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