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Don’t cover PF and UPND, ECZ directs the Media

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ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Kraticous Patrick Nshindano briefing the press on 15/06/2021. Photo by Owen Miyanza (c)2021 Zambian Eye

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has directed the media not to cover the PF and UPND in the Districts the two parties campaigns have been suspended, reports Asa Manda.

In a guidance note to the media, ECZ says no media coverage must be given to the two parties as they are not to conduct any manner of political campaigns in Lusaka, Mpulungu, Nakonde and Namwala.

“All media houses are advised not to cover any SUSPENDED CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES for the two political parties in the said jurisdiction. The suspension covers all election activities in the affected jurisdiction i.e. (Presidential, Member of Parliament, Mayoral/Chairperson and Councilor).

In this regard the media are advised:

  • Not to cover any suspended campaign activities
  • Not to air respective political parties campaign interactive programmes including pre-recorded and paid for programmes in the suspended jurisdictions
  • Not to feature or Host the political parties either physical/studio based or virtually within the respective jurisdictions on the suspended campaign activities.
    The Commission also acknowledges the Commercial obligations held by the media houses and are therefore allowed to air/publish:
  • Campaign paid spot adverts
  • Campaign drama and documentary programs.


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