Don’t blame ConCourt, Lungu warned of chaos

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President Lungu

Please lets not insult the constitution judges or the concourt but instead lets sympathise with them.

The questions we need to ask ourselves is was the ruling in favour of President Edgar Lungu’eligibility done in a free or independent environment?.The answer is definitely NO.

Its just some few months ago President Edgar Lungu warned that there will be chaos in the country if judges try to emulate the Kenyan courts and stop his third term bid in 2021.

Such a statement from the head of state and the appointing authority of judges was enough to intimidation for our learned judges.

If the concourt judges had cited President Edgar Lungu for contempt for strongly threatening them in public on an issues still active in court, todays judgement would have been in a free environment.

PF Cadres

The President was on firm grounds saying that there will be chaos if the judges rule otherwise ,and this morning we saw a bunch unruly PF at the courts.The cadres even blocked most roads heading to the courts.Do we expect a free judgement from such an environment?Any we thank the judges for preventing this chaos purported by the President.

If President Edgar Lungu wins in 2021 it will mean that he will rule this country for 13 years.Surely is this the correct position of the constitution .

If President Edgar Lungu is an honourable man let him step down in 2021 honourably and a lot of people will respect him for that.He has a duty as a President to protect the constitution.

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary Party (RRP).


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