Don’t believe lies, UPND has national character

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By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a

In this week’s edition of The Post newspaper under an article headlined UPND lacks national character; Mwandi Member of Parliament Hon. Michael Kaingu is quoted as having cast a myriad of aspersions against UPND and particularly its leader Hakainde Hichilema.
“You will find that the top 100 people (in UPND) are from one region and if they share jobs what happens to other Zambians? This is where the problem is and this has been Hakainde’s problem; he lacks national character,” he said among other things.
I took time to dissect and analyse every aspect of the article and came to the following conclusion: It’s either the legislator from the serene sandy region of Mwandi is arrogant enough to come to terms with the fact that HH is clearly a man of the moment set to dislodge PF from power or he’s absolutely ignorant to decipher the current prevailing political mood in the nation.
And the sooner Kaingu realizes that HH is now in the penalty box eagerly waiting to score the winning goal the better, otherwise he’ll soon be “choking with bitterness and envy” as M’membe would put it.
As a lawmaker, one expects Kaingu to easily comprehend that as President, HH would enjoy the benefit of nominating 8 extra MPs. These may hail from regions where his party may not have representation in parliament such as Muchinga, Northern and Luapula provinces.
Unfortunately, this facility wasn’t put to better use during Sata’s era as can be seen from people he nominated as MPs; they all came from the northern parts of this country. Some of the names that immediately come to mind are Emerine Kabanshi, Joseph Kasonde, Alexander Chikwanda, Bob Sichinga, Prof. Wilombe and of course a few tribal cousins such as John Phiri.
To add salt to injury, even all the important jobs in government (cabinet, civil and diplomatic services, parastatal entities etc) were mainly reserved for people from the same region. Detailed information may be accessed by googling Sata’s family forest revealed or family forest re-loaded.
Domination of one tribe over others has the potential not only to further polarize the nation but lead to untold civil strife. Zambians are now matured politically; if by the grace of the Lord HH forms the next government and starts exhibiting some tribal tendencies, we remain resolved to challenge this evil just as we did during the Sata regime even at the risk of going to jail.
As far as this author is concerned, at least HH has made every effort to ensure that UPND has a national character. If you look at the top 5 in his party for example, you will find that almost every region is represented.
President, Hacienda Hichilema – Southern
First vice president, Richard Kapita – North western
Second vice president, Canicious Banda – Eastern
Chairman, Mutale Nalumango – Luapula
General Secretary, Wintstone Chibwe – Central
What more can you ask for?
It’s great pity that people like Kaingu further want to confuse or convince the people that UPND is indeed tribal by insinuating that “you will find that the top 100 people are from one region” when the entire national executive committee doesn’t even close to that figure!
In conclusion, I’d like to make a passionate appeal to each and every citizen; please don’t allow discredited publications or selfish individuals to cheat and mislead you. When the day of reckoning dawns upon us, take time to scrutinize all the contenders fairly and seek to analyse their party manifestos.


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