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Do not feed the monster

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By Anthony Bwalya

Countrymen and women, remember this:

Each time you criticize the “opposition”, and unwittingly praise the monster, you are driving this country into the ground.

While we fight and stand up to the monster, we need you to stand with us, and unconditionally so, because this country belongs to all of us and we must defend it together.

You might have your own points of disagreements with the opposition in general, but to go feeding the monster by openly fighting and beating down those fighting on the frontline is the biggest act of self sabotage one can ever commit.

  1. Mealie meal is above K100
  2. Electricity is 250% more than 2 years ago
  3. No medicines in public health institutions
  4. Corruption and theft of public resources
  5. A public debt projected to touch 200% of GDP over the next 5 years under the monster
  6. Erosion of rule of law
  7. Fertilizer costing K500 per bag
  8. Withdrawn students’ allowances

In the face of all this, what value exists in fighting the opposition while you allow the monster to eat away on our country in utter satisfaction?

Where is your sense of patriotism and love for your country?

If left unchecked, the monster will destroy ALL of us, including the inheritance of your children.

So, make your minds up and stand on the right side of history.

In times such as these, we ALL should be in opposition; not much for the love of the opposition, but much for the love of the country we all call home.


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