Dishonourable’ Chitalu Chilufya ‘imprisons’ Noah Habeenzu for 21 days in UTH

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Chilufya Chitalu

By Mabvuto Phiri

I have always held Minister of Health, Doctor Chitalu Chilufya in high esteem considering his focus, determination and eloquence on issues of health at national level but lately, I am disillusioned and beginning to have second thoughts about this true colours and commitment to realization of equitable and quality health delivery. Therefore, one would ask why my change of heart?

I honestly feel the honourable, who at one time undoubtedly thought should be considered for the first office of the land in future or simply put presidency is not been sincere with the welfare of nine-year-old, Noah Habeenzu, who has been hospitalized in the University Teaching Hospital for the last three weeks without being evacuated for specialized treatment abroad in India especially that local medical experts in our hospitals, which are literally, death traps have adequately failed to deal with the protruding growth in his eye for more than a year now. Noah, was returned to the UTH recently despite the experts being clueless about his condition, which has continued to deteriorate, as politics takes the centre stage. No one has been granted access to Noah and his aunt and in its fashion, government has opted to remain tight-lipped over a matter of national interest.

Following, public criticism government through the ministry of Health under the able leadership of Doc Chilufya took charge of the boy pledging that he will soon be sent to India. This was after concerned members of the general public mobilized to start raising resources to facilitate his evacuation abroad, which Patriotic Front cadres demonized and belittled accusing those in charge of the campaign of being swindlers however, true to their promise these noble members of the public have since humbly handed over the proceeds to the family yet government pledge has not materialized. Doc Chilufya, I was hoping that for once you will be honest to this country over this issue.

Why are you mocking Zambians on the matter of Noah? As much as Honourable recently, rushed to Katuba, which will be having a by-election to donate, an ambulance
is commendable, which an illusion of a properly functional institutions; For example, the construction of hospitals without properly equipping hitherto, the true measure of this should a health Noah nothing much or less.

Where is your conscience honourable, as a public servant when Noah will soon be a statistic of those neglected and abandoned by your people driven government? Honourable, as much as l appreciate your commitment to the health sector, your priorities seem to be upside down and questionable to say the least.

Recently, we have witnessed unprecedented number of our leaders either opposition or government being evacuated abroad for mere ailments and in some cases scratches. Does this mean that the life of this young man has never been important or a priority for a government has continued pledging that it is pro-poor centered? Could be that this young man comes from a portion of a country where the Patriotic Front mockingly gets some zeros in most cases during elections? Honourable, I am honestly confused so to say because you seem hard working yet hardly working.

Every day, you grace national television propagating your government’s commitment towards the health sector when all this is just lip service or simply put mere ‘acting.’ Honourable, you need to be practical when it comes to saving life suddenly that ‘honesty’ is elusive in your vocabulary, as a leader, who has offered to serve us with integrity. Noah Habeenzu is a presentation of failure and collapse of the entire health sector under your guidance. It is therefore, imperative that government through the Ministry of Health, reduces on political expediency and decisively deal with this matter.

I am astonished that you even go to bed peacefully with Noah Habeenzu still hospitalized and if going by media reports that you are eyeing the first office or presidency, introspection is key for you Sir. My appeal to you is that reduce on melodious rhetoric before our eyes and ears. This is honestly not helping those who have given you the mandate to discharge on their behalf like President Lungu because you are being deceptive to the very aspirations of their Government and its people.

And what really happened to my Mother, Mumbi Phiri- a former soldier of a common man? Just Maybe, Maybe comfort makes us forget the ordinary people. In her heydays, Honourable Phiri would have mobilized people for such a cause but today, she is a slim shadow of her past glory ‘strong-willed woman’ in responding causes such, as this of Noah Habeenzu. Mom, we miss the real you in the opposition, as a fighter but honestly, l can’t blame you now that your aspirations have been achieved. In your humble way you moved mountains, in your current seemingly big way, as deputy Chief Executive Officer of the ruling party, you cannot even move an ant. Mumbi Phiri –Former ‘Iron Lady.’ Noah Habeezu’s case is therefore, a test and true measure of leadership but for honourable Chitalu Chilufya, its not too late to rekindle my lost trust in your leadership from me by doing the right thing, Noah Habeenzu deserves better, as a future leader or prospective Health Minister, Hon. Noah Habeenzu.

This is neither endorsed by employer nor family but purely inspired by Noah Habeezu’s continued imprisonment at UTH.


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  1. In the history of the government the government which is worst is pf government you can not know wether they are going or moving back ward.Nakana nfwiiti nfwiiti.kuti? Aba ndiye balinasanka kandalama yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the president jumped together with Minister’s

    June 15, 2019 at 5:59 am

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