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Disappointing Review: Sean Tembo Offers Harsh Criticism of Chile One’s ‘Boy from Chililand’ Album’

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Sean E. Tembo, a Zambian politician and certified accountant, recently took to Facebook to post a scathing review of Chile One Mr Zambia’s latest album, ‘Boy from Chililand.’

Zambian Eye Correspondent reports that unfortunately, Tembo’s review did not resonate with fans, and his critique has been met with considerable backlash from followers.

Tembo, who ranked thirteenth out of sixteen candidates in the 2021 Zambian presidential elections, attempted to incorporate his academic background in Accountancy to provide a nuanced analysis of the album. However, his assessment was received as harsh and unfair by those who disagreed with his opinions.

Listeners of ‘Boy from Chililand’ are expressing their disappointment in Tembo’s negative commentary. Some argue that he failed to understand the artistic depth and intention behind the tracks, while others believe he should have given the album another chance before sharing his unfavorable review.

It seems that Tembo’s attempt to explore his musical interests has backfired, with many questioning his credibility as a music critic. As fans of Chile One Mr Zambia rally to defend the album, Sean E. Tembo’s review serves as a stark reminder that opinions on music can vastly differ, causing division among listeners.

Zambian Eye, 2nd January 2024


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