Dialogue has exposed PF’s hypocrisy on National Day of Prayers – UPND

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The opposition UPND says the insults the PF and its surrogates are hurling at the three mother churches bodies is a clear testimony that the ruling party has been using the national day of prayers to cover up its criminality.

Senior UPND official, Percy Chanda, has wondered, in a statement today, why the PF is now using its stooges to insult the church when they had initially agreed to a Church-led dialogue process.

“When you embark on weaving a web of deceit, be assured that one day you will be caught in it. And so, PF embarked on deceit of duping Zambians by declaring a National day of prayers, little did they realize that you cannot fool God. The defiance and insults PF is hurling at the three mother churches bodies is a clear testimony that PF is using the national day of prayers to cover up its criminality. What kind of foolishness is this, today you want the Church to conduct prayers for you but on the other hand you are busy insulting the same Church?

“It’s on record that PF openly agreed to the Church led dialogue but why is that PF is making a u turn and tolerating insults from surrogate stooges day in day out? It’s commonsense that these insults have the blessings of some big fish in PF. The Church to us in UPND and all well meaning Zambians is too dignified to be attacked by BAKALUME unless if someone is sponsoring them,” said Chanda, who is UPND Chairperson for Mines.

“Yes, the Lord knows ones evil intentions before even implementation. It’s clear that PF is using the Church to plunder this Country through the National day of prayers. However God is always great and is now exposing PF‘s National day of prayers that it is nothing but just a web of deceit meant to dupe Zambians, so that they continue stealing.”

Chanda challenged the PF to publicly distance themselves from the attacks on the church.

“If indeed PF was genuine about the national day of prayers it should have publicly disassociated itself from those stooges insulting the Church. Is it not that PF is so dirty to face the church mother bodies on the dialogue table? When as UPND said PF is not genuine on the National day of prayers we were called all sorts of names. But today we have been vindicated. As UPND we have stated that nothing good will come out of PF apart from stealing, violence, deceit and other criminalities.”


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