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MMD faction leader Nevers Mumba has says if the Dialogue Bill will make people start talking then it is fine.

Dr. Mumba in a statement released this morning says his party the MMD has always pushed for Dialogue.

“The MMD has always championed the need for a talking nation. National dialogue is therefore not a political matter but a survival tool on the most contentious and divisive issues on which consensus was going to be actualized. Unfortunately this has not happened,” Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba then said that the MMD welcomes the National Dialogue bill.

“The MMD therefore welcomes any initiative that seeks to achieve the bigger picture of a talking Nation. We therefore welcome the passage of the bill in the house in as far as it intends to address the deep concerns of all stake holders in finding national consensus on the many issues of conflict,” Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba further said as much as his party welcomes the National dialogue bill it has some concerns on some contents of the bill as they boarder on some democratic values of the Republican constitution.


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