Dexter Moono takes on Kambwili over constitution

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The UPND Choma District Media Campaign Team says its dismayed with the recent comments uttered by Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili (MP) that the Constitution Making debate is centred around the line of rail an that people in rural areas were not interested in the constitution making process.

Kambwili disclosed this when he featured on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Sunday Interview

Kambwili disclosed that the debate regarding the constitution making process was only alive along the line of rail and that it is not an issue in the rural parts of the country.

The UPND Choma District Media Campaign Team Co-Ordinator Dexter Zemba Moono disclosed that the move taken by Government shows government’s lack of commitment to enact a people driven constitution.

He disclosed that the minister’s statement amounts to flippant the constitution making process

Moono disclosed that the PF Government has the obligation to lead the constitution making process in wide consultation with the citizens.

He disclosed that in 2011 the PF Government campaigned n a promise that it was going to deliver a people driven constitution within 90 days and with the ongoing delay and statements coming senior Government Officials stressed that the people Of Zambia were now worried if the constitution making process will be nationally embraced.

Moono disclosed that the PF Government should take up its responsibility in the constitution making process as it promised the people Of Zambia and ensure that there is adequate citizen participation in the process

Moono advised Kambwili not to take pride in the ignorance of citizens on the constitution making process.

Moono charged that the statement issued by Mr Kambwili goes to show that the PF Government is not committed to ensuring that there is adequate information sharing and transparency in the constitution making process.

Moono further disclosed that it was wrong for the Minister to state that people in rural areas were not interested with the Constitution stating that the Minister has never been to any rural part Of the Country for him to state that people in rural areas were not interested in the document

Moono disclosed that Mr Kambwili has only been in Lusaka at Cabinet Office, Mulungushi Conference Centre State House and along the Great North to Ndola and in his Constituency in Roan and never in Chikanta, Kazungula, Mpongwe, Kaoma, Namushakende, Manyinga for him to state that people in rural areas are not interested in the process.

He disclosed that the opposition parties and other stakeholders feel that Mr Kambwili should know that it was the PF Government’s responsibility to ensure that it carries out sensitization programmes to ensure that there is full participation of citizens in this important Of the Constitution making process.

Moono further added that the PF Government needs to conduct civic education on the constitution-making process so that the people are able to make free choices on what kind of a constitution they want and what mode of adoption is preferable this time following many failed attempts in the past to enact constitutions through parliament.

Moono further urged PF Senior Government official to be more responsible and be aware that they are carrying the mandate of citizens who have put them in power and power belongs to the people who deserve to be honoured with a good constitution.

He called on Mr. Kambwili as Government spokesperson to speak on researched details matters and not speaking on personal thinking as such statements can spark disunity in the Nation

Moono disclosed that the people Of Zambia have been waiting day and night since September 2011 to see the ruling Government deliver a people driven constitution before their term comes to an end


2 Responses to Dexter Moono takes on Kambwili over constitution

  1. Mwenye Musenge rightly put it when he said being the loudest does not depict leadership qualities.
    Both Joseph Katema and Mwansa Kapeya exhibited soberness than Mulongoti and Shikapwasha but it seems Kambwili may end up to be the worst of all because he does not know how to tame his mouth.

    Kabiki Katombela
    March 17, 2015 at 3:07 pm

  2. Kambwili is in a wrong field. He is only fit to be a jerabo and campaign manager for Edgar Chagwa Lungu. This constitution issue needs people who can think beyond their current political position otherwise for now it favours the Panga Family and they are askig themselves why remove the current constitution which they can manipulate, abuse and use to win the 2016 elections? Even the sick Edgar Chagwa Lungu is not interested in changing to what allows him to abuse other citizens. The only way to have a new constitution is to change the entire leadership by voting out sick Edgar Lungu with his sick Panga Family and bring in HH and UPND. Vote wisely next time by voting for HH and UPND.

    March 18, 2015 at 7:31 am

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