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Democratic Front party poised for growth

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Miles Sampa

Miles Sampa

Political Analyst Dante Saunders has predicted that newly formed Democratic Front Party is poised for growth because it’s founded on principles of wide consultation from various stakeholders.

Mr. Saunders told the Zambian Eye in an interview that the party is not doomed for failure because the incumbent leader comes from the Patriotic Front and could have consulted the top most leadership in the PF party adding that those behind it did not just wake up one day and decide to form a party but made wide consultations regarding the vice.

He said that is why PF is concerned because the newly formed party is an asset, unlike other parties such as the FATHER BWALYA party that fell off the wayside.

“When a party is formed, it is usually a series of discussions, those that are started by an individual are doomed for failure as we can see. If you are talking about Miles Sampa, there is no question whether it will survive or not. The political party obviously formed with the inclusion of other stakeholders is not doomed to failure but can be an asset to the people of Zambia “he noted.

He observed that come August 11, should the PF, MMD and UNIP fail to win the election, they stand a chance to go into oblivion because they have hijacked their political parties by treating them as a one man show.

“When you have two parties that have become personal to holder system, sad to see parties like UNIP, MMD, and PF, should they lose election they stand a chance to go into oblivion because they were hijacked as they belong to individuals. Parties like FDD and UPND will survive because they were founded on principles of wide consultation ”he said.

Mr. Saunders, supporter of the UPND has accused the Patriotic Front of sidelining its original members in preference to their hijackers, a move that will disadvantage their intending Pact because in the eyes of Zambians, they have been total failures.

Mr Sauders further asserted that PF and MMD is not a threat at all to the opposition as it stands right now, because PF in its wisdom has decided to sideline its original members of the parties in preference to the hijackers from other walks of life, who in the eyes of Zambians have been total failures and today they are the ones advising president Edgar Lungu on what to do.

He noted that the ruling party is slowly losing momentum because they are allegedly resorting to violence as a last resort to force people of Zambia into submission and bring in a state of emergency.


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