Defections continue to back fire on PF

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President Edgar Lungu

The PF have once more been exposed for faking defections as their latest “defector” councillor Newstead Phiri from Sinda has returned to the UPND a few weeks after purportedly joining the PF.

And UPND Chairperson for Mobilisation Silvia Masebo says it is shameful that President Edgar Lungu was busy poaching opposition councillors to join the PF and causing elections.
Speaking during a press briefing at the UPND secretariat on Wednesday Newstead Phiri of Chilongozi ward in Sinda narrated that he was enticed to join the ruling party with a K20,000 cash and a job offer by the President.
Phiri narrated that he was called to meet MP of the area but that he was instead taken to a place which was heavily guarded and met Edgar Lungu who told him to resign from the UPND and offered him a “big job”.

He was later brought to Lusaka where he said he met President Lungu at State House and was given a K20, 000 for him to defect and join PF.

He complained of being duped to sign a document that made him sign papers he didn’t know.

Meanwhile Masebo warned that some PF leaders will run away from Zambia as people today are upset with them.
She said it was painful that the Head of State was bribing elected Councilors to resign and join the PF at the expense of developing the country.

Said people in Zambia are suffering and instead of the President working he was  busy bribing elected leaders and stealing councillors from other political parties.

She told Vice President Inonge Wina to advise Edgar Lungu against poaching opposition elected leaders to join the PF saying power had gotten to his head hence need a sober head to advise him.


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