Kambwili no show at DEC offices as he dares DEC to arrest him

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NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili this morning failed to avail himself to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) offices as he is reportedly unwell.

The DEC this morning summoned the former Roan lawmaker to their Lusaka offices to explain the allegations of drug trafficking he allegedly made against President Edgar Lungu’s close associate, Valden Findlay.

Kambwili has however dared the DEC to arrest him over the allegations, saying he will not stop talking about the ills in Government.

He says he will not withdraw his allegation of drug trafficking against Lusaka businessman Findlay because the matters are in public domain.

Kambwili said in an exclusive interview with Diamond TV this morning that the DEC should investigate Findlay instead of intimidating him with arrest.


One Response to Kambwili no show at DEC offices as he dares DEC to arrest him

  1. What kind of ‘democratic’ country uses the few financial resources it has not misused or stole to force government agencies to go after people for expressing their opinions about the president?
    The absurdity. Don’t DEC officials have drug cases to pursue rather than trying to intimate Kabwili for expressing an opinion?
    Lungu regularly travels with a suspected international drug dealer, who has no official office or reason to be on a people of Zambia funded plane or trip. What is a thinking person supposed to surmise from this?

    Zambians: WAKE THE HELL UP. You are allowing this idiot government to trample all over your freedoms and basic human rights, WITH YOUR OWN MONEY. Who do you think pays Lungu, pays for his trips, pays the police and all the other PF cadres (apparently including DEC)? Are you allowing your hard earned tax revenue and revenue from exports (that you as a country own) to continue to be misused?
    Stop burying your heads up your asses expecting some Christian God to come save your country from sliding into complete decay.

    September 11, 2019 at 3:49 pm

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