Death of MMD: Mwanawasa contributed

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Levy Mwanawasa

By Zambian Youths

The former ruling party has reached, almost, the final stages of its demise that was stated by the late Dr Frederick Chiluba when he hand picked Dr Levy Mwanawasa for president.

This weakened the party as most of its members felt betrayed. Consequently, some members left to form their own political parties ( Sata, Miyanda, etc) while others remained but worked against the interest of the party.

Additionally, Dr Mwanawasa played a key role in this slow death for two reasons. Firstly, his refusal to have a party vice president and the appointment of an outsider, Mr Rupiah Bwezani Banda as Republican vice president was a grave mistake that confirmed MMD was never going to recover.

Even though these maneuvers by the top leaders showed no obvious cracks to the outsiders, MMD had formed camps within which were silently power strangling.

The death of Mwanawasa and eventual ascension of Rupiah Banda to power showed these cracks as some true MMD members became alienated like Silvia Sylvia T. Masebo, Mike Mulongoti and others.

At this stage, former members of the party had became its own enemies and worked openly with other political parties, a situation that contributed to the loss in 2011 of the MMD.

The election of Dr Never Mumba as MMD president in 2012 only managed to put the former ruling party into permanent political paralysis because of a number of reasons.

To start with, Dr Mumba is very inexperienced politically. To prove his lack of experience look at the people he is surrounding himself with; Faustina Sinyangwe, Dr Peter Machungwa, Elizabeth Chitika and other failed politicians. These are the same characters that misled Rupiah. Honestly, what good can these people bring to him?

Secondly, he is an outsider who took advantage of the shock by true MMD members of losing the elections. While true blue member were recovering from the shock, Dr Mumba grabbed the presidency of the party.

This situation had only consolidated the camps that already existed in the MMD. Therefore, it not surprising to see this current rift between Dr Mumba and Maj Kachingwe.

One should not be cheated, Maj Kachingwe is not alone but has a number of MMD members backing his move. These are problems for the party because if not handled properly by-elections are inevitable.


5 Responses to Death of MMD: Mwanawasa contributed

  1. Its unfortunate that some pipo still see life in these bovines of politicians.mdd is a finished party and they are just wasting their
    they will never bounce back to power.this is zambia,kabakusula ninshi chapwa….its only in america and britain where such a thing can happen not in zambia

    maxwell mulala
    December 2, 2012 at 12:22 pm

  2. This is a wrong analysis Zambian youths. The only person who left after Mwanawasa was picked as MMD presidential candidate is one; Michael Chilufya Sata. The other 22 (including Gen Miyanda, Gen Tembo, Vincent Malambo, Edith Nawakwi, Ernest Mwansa) were actually expelled at the MMD National Convention of 2001 which was overseen by Michael Sata. Mwanawasa easily won the 2006 election. He got 43% of the vote while his closest rival Sata trailed at 27%. Hindsight shows that the 2006 election no where being a close contest. In short, Mwanawasa actually trounced Sata. This fact is always lost in the fact that early counting showed that Sata had performed very well. In that election Sata was actually neck on neck with Hichilema who got 25%.

    December 2, 2012 at 5:19 pm

  3. Sata has never forgiven MMD for NOT picking him as Presidential candidate in preference to Levy.

    Now SATa wants to finish MMD and MOVE Zambia to One Party State. They know at that point, they will then shift their arsenal to UPND to finish it off.

    This is NOT the Zambia we wanted and VOTED for.

    Mpangula Mputyu
    December 3, 2012 at 6:45 am

  4. Zambian politicians are so hungry for tax payers’ the space..we need them to change their attitude..don’t blame Mwanawasa..

    December 3, 2012 at 9:10 am

  5. Zambian politics is not for love of making the country prosper those who go into politics under the pretext of service are in actual fact searching for what the country can do to satiate their selfishness. The so called servants of the people are the worst rapists of the country’s resources. Religion and its leaders are the only ones with a heart for comforting their followers with hope for a just heavenly world. I give up on Zed politics it will never make the country prosper!

    Fu Manchu
    December 4, 2012 at 4:35 pm

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