Dear God, please deal with them

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Guy Scott

Guy Scott

By Patrick Sikana

I am here to report Mr. Kabimba, Mr Scott, Mr Kapeya and the current Information Minister in Zambia (I’ve forgotten his name – and I’ve no time to look it up) to you Dear Lord to deal with.

Didn’t you categorically say that all liars will go to hell? Yes, we have a group of people in the Government of Zambia who will make Satan envious for being called the father of liars. They jointly are currently the ones with the lying trophy and they don’t seem willing to let go. They lied about the constitution, they lied about more money in our pockets and now they are lying about the President’s health.

Dear Father, to keep more than 13 million people guessing and uncertain about the status of their Head of State is immoral. And to threaten them with arrest when they question the contradictory statements and facts is diabolical. Uncertainty breeds speculation. It is in times like this that a lot happens. As long as they don’t tell the nation the truth, there’s going to be a lot of smoking behind closed doors. A lot of postulation. A lot of jostling. A lot of looting. This is not what you want for the nation, Dear Father.

Dear God, you have a nation hungry for information before you. How long will these people continue to feed us on a stunted diet of gossip, conjecture and innuendos? That diet whose only nutrient is falsehood? You know, Dear Father, that by and large, the ordinary Zambian is notoriously religious. S/he just wants a chance to pray for the President in a specific way, as your Son taught us. We can’t guess a prayer to you, my Father. By not telling us the truth, these people are denying us an opportunity to kneel down and tell You exactly what we want you to do for our President.

As Citizens we may have issues with the President, politically. I mean, he hasn’t delivered on a lot of his promises. However, Dear God, this is not the time for us to discuss that. As a people we don’t settle our scores through wishing others death. I can assure you that we have nothing personal against the Head of State. Please, Father, compel the Acting President and his team , to stand tall, speak the truth, unite the nation in praying for H.E. Mr. Sata so that Your will may be done. If they refuse to do this, please instruct their personal Angels to deal with them as you see fit. In the meantime, please bring back the President (whole and sound) and shame the vultures. We will deal with him in 2016 ourselves. Amen.


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