Deadly chemical weapon sent to Facebook headquarters

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Facebook headquarters in Menlo park, California was evacuated on July 1 after a suspected NATO deadly nerve weapon called sarin was seated in the building.  A bag of mails is under quarantine after routine tests suggested that its contains sarin.

The Menlo Park Fire Department (MPFD) previously said that people who work at the warehouse where mail tested positive for sarin are being monitored for possible symptoms of exposure, but so far, no one is showing signs they’ve been hurt. It’s also possible that the mail test was a false positive.

The FBI and National Guard have both been called in to help investigate.

“We have two possible exposures but right now they are not exhibiting any signs or symptoms,” Jon Johnston said to Al-Jazeera as monitored by Zambian Eye.

Facebook runs all of its mail and packages through a machine that can detect dangerous substances, according to the fire district. That machine notified workers that the package in question might contain the substance.

Fire officials initially reported that two people may have possibly been exposed.

A Facebook spokesperson said four buildings in the area were initially evacuated. Only one building remains evacuated. The others have been deemed safe.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.


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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31