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Dead foods you should ban from your diet

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mealie-mealBy Asunta Simoloka

The following manufactured foods have been stripped of all their life giving properties and in Deepak Chopra’s words, they are dead foods.

Breakfast maize meal

Breakfast maize meal is a term used in Zambia for heavily processed maize that is also refined to a powdery consistency.

Processed maize meal, without the outer layer and germ and retaining only the starchy part of the maize grain, is devoid of fiber, vitamins, anti oxidants, minerals, and other nutrients essential for sound nutrition.

As a result, breakfast maize meal causes insulin resistance, adds belly fat, causes constipation, and increases systemic inflammation, factors that trigger a bunch of diseases including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.

Breakfast maize meal also raises bad cholesterol and increases the risk for colon cancer.

Coarse wholegrain maize meal eaten mostly in the village setting is a healthier alternative.

Roller meal is unhealthy because it only retains parts of the outer layer of the grain cakedonutsand is finely grounded to a powdery state, degrading the fiber.
Cake, donuts, white pasta

White flour in cake, donuts, and pasta is a processed ingredient with the same health consequences as breakfast maize meal.

Cake and donuts also have added sugar, a bad ingredient that adds belly fat and causes toxicity of the liver, triggering even more health issues.

wholegrain cracked wheatWhat is worse, research indicates that added sugar is highly addictive, making is very hard to avoid despite people being aware of its detrimental effect.

As if this is not bad enough, donuts are doused in cream made from partially hydrogenated fats like margarine while cake also uses margarine as a regular ingredient.

Partially hydrogenated fats have harmful trans fats that not only increase bad cholesterol but also lower the good cholesterol.  Trans fats are the worst kind of fats know.

Cake also has baking powder whose main ingredient is bicarbonate soda, a spoiler that kills nutrients in food and depletes b vitamins already in your body
Wholegrain cracked wheat rich in fiber, anti oxidants, and other nutrients is a healthier pick.

Blood pressure tip 

Hypertension rarely shows symptoms


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