Daughter honors Mother with a new car

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…Says Thank You.

A Daughter has honored her Mother by buying her a car for the pain she went through to bring her and siblings when their father died. Princess Kristy Marco had a special way of saying thank you to her mother.

She writes:

So my father died when I was only 10years old.. Been daddy z little girl that hit me so hard and it changed literally everything about my life as a child and changed how we lived as a family.. Mom was just in her 30s and I watched her struggle to raise the 3 of us all by herself..

I know she does not know this but many times I would hear her cry uncontrollably in her bedroom but there I was helplessly just listening to her and wishing she cud stop and be fine. Over the years I have always thought of what to do to easy her pain and the 1st thought was always for me to be a good and responsible person she would be proud to call her daughter..

That was my target but as life went by different life circumstances hit me and gosh many times I ended up disappointing her but today I thank God for the grace that has sustained me and my mommy to see a day like this.

Many would do anything to live a day like this were they can be able to honor even just one of their parents but can not coz they are no I bless the lord for allowing my mother and I see a day such as this one.


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