Dangote defies order, sells substandard cement to DRC

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Dangote Cement Company Zambia has defied the order to dispose off the substandard cement which was recently recalled from the market, sources have told Zambian Eye.

According to sources, the company was suppose to dispose off the recalled substandard cement after it failed the test in Zambia. The cement after being recalled is alleged to have instead been repacked and is being exported to the neighbouring Congo DR.

The failure to pass the test by Dangote Cement which we reported led HERE to the firing of the quality control Manager and later the Public Relations Manager at the company. The company then allegedly opted to repack the cement for the neighbouring market in Congo DR at a cheaper price.

An insider at Dangote said the move by the company has also started backfiring as market has discovered that the product was not of good standard adding that Congo DR is seen to be an easy market with less restrictions on the products on their market.

“…the company was hurting the country’s image on the international market and has called on authorities to investigate the allegations so as to protect the country on the international market. The company is suffering the consequences of producing what was suspected to be substandard as reports in January emerged indicating that Dangote Cement had fired its Quality Manager after the company’s product failed the Zambia Compulsory Standard Agency tests leading to the recall of thousands of bags of the cement.”

However, ZCSA disputed the story living questions unanswered on why thousands of bags were recalled countrywide by the company which was regarded as one of the best producers of the commodity in the country.

Efforts to get Dangote Management has proved futile.


2 Responses to Dangote defies order, sells substandard cement to DRC

  1. Ala be careful of this cement. Now we know why TB Joshua’s church collapsed. The cement must have been bought from Dangote

    April 29, 2020 at 10:33 pm

  2. Sorry Mr. Quality Control & PRM for your inefficient to lose your jobs and rush to press to undermine what fed you. In the developed world, nothing is thrown out- there is always a market somewhere. Kudos Dangote recalled substandard product in Zambia yet another country has not about the quality. COME PEOPLE ARE MOST ZAMBIANS NOT DRESSING SALAULA or don’t you Africa & Zambia not spared is a dumping site?? CHECK THE MODEL OF YOUR VEHICLES ON ROADS- death traps in Japan.

    Bob Davies
    May 1, 2020 at 6:51 am

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