Create opportunities for youths so that they create their own jobs – Andyford

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Opposition People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) leader, Andyford Mayele Banda has challenged the government to create more opportunities for youths so that they can create their own Jobs.

In a statement ahead of the Labor Day celebrations Banda bemoaned massive job losses across the country. He says it is impossible to expect all the youths to be employed by companies or government and the only way was to create a platform for them to explore entrepreneurship is by creating opportunities for them.

Banda says it is not easy for young people to venture into entrepreneurship with zero support such as structuring, capital, training, opportunity and monitoring.

He charged that the government should have invested a good amount of money into youth entrepreneurship development projects as opposed to wasting money on non productive acquisitions such as expensive fire trucks and the very much unnecessary jets.

He assured the youths that the PAC will invest enough in youth entrepreneurship programs and give youths the five key components of ensuring that they succeed and that is: Structuring, Training, Financing, Opportunity and Monitoring

He encouraged the youths not to give up despite the economic hardships but to continue thinking hard on how best they can be innovative and creative.


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