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CQ claims he’s the richest Zambian musician as Macky 2 crowns himself Zambia’s best

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Singer Chansa Chisanga Queville, popularly known as CQ, has declared that he’s the richest Artist in Zambia.

And Hip-hop artist Macky 2 has bragged to rap legend Mwembe Muntu, one half of  the pioneering rap duo Black Muntu, that he was the best and most influential musician in the country. He told off Mwembe that he is “old” and “no longer a factor in the Zambian music.” He further boasted that this was his time which he needs to make use of.

He also took a swipe at the Zambia Union of Musician saying it had failed to represent the members.

Macky 2 says he will not be part of the Zambia Association of Musicians, which he says has failed its members. He told Mwembe, whom he featured with on ZNBC’s Smooth Talk programme, that the association should not speak for him as he was not a member.

And CQ, the ‘Waziba’ hit maker who also featured on the programme that discussed Zambia Mosi Awards, took on Macky2 saying he was the richest musician in Zambia.

While Zambian Hip-hop star Macky2, Dancehall artist Karasa, and RnB artist FJay of Urban Hype were just looking at the self proclaimed self made artist, the fans were busy enjoying the program. The argument was all about the Zambian Music Awards of which Macky2 claims he won’t be a part of unless he and other artists are paid.

Every artist was given a chance to explain what they feel should be done about the Zambian Music Awards and surely they did according to what they each thought.

ZambianMusic.Net quoted CQ as telling Macky2 that “I have never found you holding a beer, I have never seen any beer in any of your videos, so why are you crying and asking Zambia Breweries to pay you K20,000, for what? CQ asked Macky2.

When asked about what he thinks of Macky 2’s music, CQ said; “Macky 2’s music is so good but he needs to learn how to be more articulate. That’s why every line in his songs always ends with “you know what I mean”.

So, to all you readers, please note that, the richest Zambian musician is none other than CQ after crowning himself above other musicians whom he advised that “they need to start changing the mindsets of the very people that support music to start adding more value on the arts, because it doesn’t just end up with the artist, but also the people that silently contribute to making a “STAR”.


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