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Coweth College

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  • Coweth College
    Coweth College
    We are enrolling for 2018
  • Coweth College
    Coweth College
  • Coweth College
    Coweth College
    We are enrolling for 2017
  • Coweth College
    Coweth College
  • Coweth College
    Coweth College
    We are enrolling for 2018

Coweth College is a newly established Institute offering multi discipline courses that has been set up by Africa Media Innovation Limited to provide cutting edge tuition led courses that we are offering.

Our College Campus is located on Kabanana Road, Mochipapa in Choma, Southern province.

Coweth College launched it’s Education Courses in June 2017 offered in conjunction with University of Africa which is registered in 10 African countries including Zambia.

Coweth is now enrolling students for the 2018 intake in the following courses:

1. Diploma in Secondary Teaching (Full time & Distance)

2. Diploma in Primary Teaching ( Distance)

3.  Diploma in Business Administration (Distance)

4. Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Distance)

5. Diploma in Human Resource Management (Distance)

6. Diploma in Public Administration (Distance)

Note: The above courses are also available upto Degree through Distance Learning.



Diploma in Secondary Education is one of the courses we offer. Subjects: English and Civic Education, English and Religious Education, Mathematics and Civic Education, Mathematics with Religious Education, Civic Education with Religious Education

The duration of the course is three years.

Qualifications for program are 2 merits in subjects of study, three credits including mathematics and English.


This course is offered both through Distance learning. It is a-three-year course. We are targeting School leavers and Teachers in service wanting to upgrade.

Qualifications: 5 credits including English, Mathematics and Science. A certificate in Primary Education is an added advantage.

 Registration for the January 2020 intake is going on now.

Don’t be left out, there are only 30 places for this course.

To apply download the application form by clicking here. 

Note that all these programmes are offered in association with the University of Africa which provides content and certifies the Students.


This Programme is offered by the University of Africa through distance learning. Residential School takes place from Coweth College.

Qualifications for the program is distinction in study subjects,  three merits including Mathematics and English.


This is another programme offered by the University of Africa through distance learning. It is a four year course. It targets Teachers in service wanting to upgrade.

Qualifications: 5 credits including English, Mathematics, Science and any other two. A Diploma in Primary Education is an added advantage. Those not qualifying for direct entry are given option for one year to do their olevels while studying.

Don’t be left out, come and enroll we only have 30 places for this course.


Coweth College is working on launching a diploma in journalism. This shall be a 3 year program to be offered through distance learning targeting those already in-service..

Qualifications for journalism are 4 credits including English or Literature. We invited those interested to indicate so via email


The six months Access Course to Diploma/Degree course is a qualification which prepares our students without traditional qualifications for study at Coweth College.

Access Courses are delivered by our college and are available in a range of different subjects, such Journalism and primary/secondary school education.

An Access Course to Higher Education Diploma/Degree makes it possible for you to lay an extensive but solid foundation of knowledge across a broad subject range as a gateway to enroll on one of a wide range of diploma and degree programmes.

Enrol with us now and achieve your dream.

The application forms for January 2018 Education courses are available at our campus in Choma and interviews will be held from 3rd to 5th October 2018.

Coweth College ” Committed to Excellence ”


Download the Application form by clicking here now as we have limited space. The deadline for taking application is September 25, 2017..

Alternatively, application can be found at our campus in Choma and Livingstone.

Follow us by Liking our facebook page, click here.

Contact details:

Call / WhatsApp: +260 976 000 011

Coweth College invites applications for the position of Lecturer. See details here.


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