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Could Zambia Become the Next Big African Online Gambling Market?

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Zambia is world-renowned as a tourist centre as people flock to see the glorious wildlife, waterfalls and other nature hotspots. These industries are pivotal to the success of the national economy, but they may not have to lean on them as much as the country’s gaming / betting industry is poised for success.

Gambling in Zambia has been legalised since legislation was introduced back in 1992. Since then, locals have enjoyed this pastime to varying degrees. But that might be about to change as the region could become another betting hotspot in line with government tax cuts and internet penetration.

Zambia iGaming Has Government Support

The Zambian Government is also responsible for growth in the current gaming market and what could follow. The government see this industry as a way to increase job opportunities and in turn, collect more taxes from these workers.

One of the critical steps they have taken to support the industry is by helping the regulatory board to make acquiring gambling licenses quicker without compromising on safety. The process to get a license is much more straightforward, and subsequently, the time it takes to be granted a permit has been shortened and makes starting an online casino in Zambia easier.

Moreover, the government has lowered its taxation laws on gambling companies to provide a stimulus to the industry. This should create more interest among established operators as well as entrepreneurs wanting to set up new bookmakers and online casinos. Statistics highlight that 40 new licenses were distributed in the country within the last 12 months alone.  This is just one indication of Africa’s significant growth in gambling markets.

Internet Penetration in Zambia

Along with more businesses willing to offer gaming services and create jobs, the other part of the puzzle is to create a demand for casino games. This is being helped by an expansion of internet access across the country and better internet speeds that make smartphone activity possible.

It has been proven in a report published by an independent body in 2019. The report by Alexa found that out of the 20 top visited websites in Zambia, two of them were betting sites. This means 10% of the most popular websites in the country were related to gambling last year – and may have increased since.

A Mobile Money Culture

Another factor weighing in the potential success of the gambling industry is the mobile money culture. Many African nations, including Zambia, rely on mobile money transfers using apps from their smartphone. It means locals are already up to date on the best ways to move money around from handheld devices, which is needed to play casino games online. This is not a trend that even some of the most successful gambling industries in Europe can leverage, but it will be possible in Zambia.

How Does Current Gambling Industry Fair?

At the moment, Zambia’s gambling industry is one of the most active outside of Europe and the USA and has even attracted interest from overseas bookmakers. It has excellent potential for success, especially considering all of the above.


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