Could your diet be causing Uterine fibroids?

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fibroids-growBy Asunta Simoloka
Uterine fibroids are abnormal growths found in the wall and surface of the uterus.

If you are wondering why so many women are having uterine fibroids, look no further than what is on your plate.

Ask any woman with uterine fibroids if they eat a lot of broiler chicken, I guarantee you the answer will be a ‘yes’; I have only come across one ‘no’ to this question, the answer I usually get is ‘yes’ and here is why.

chick2chicken1Industrial chickens are raised on hormones and antibiotics and they grow at an unnaturally fast rate in order to meet demand.

These birds get slaughtered and end up on your plate with these unhealthy additives still in the systems of the chickens.

Eating too much broiler chicken causes these hormones and antibiotics to build up in your body and that is a major contributing factor to a number of reproductive health issues one of them being uterine fibroids.

chickenThe hormones and antibiotics in broiler chickens not only bring about uterine fibroids, they also feed the fibroids thus encouraging these tumors to grow even bigger.

In order to stop these fibroids from growing you need to starve them by reducing the amount of broiler chicken in your diet or better even eliminating this type of chicken altogether.

Village chicken does not have these hormones and antibiotics but it also needs to be eaten in moderation.

The best diet adjustment is to introduce more plant foods and reduce all meat as much as possible.

The best substitutes for meat are legumes like bambara nuts known locally as ntoyo, cow peas also known as nyangu, beans, lentils, and groundnuts.

These foods not only prevent fibroids, they have compounds that cut off blood supply to these fibroids, a process that makes the tumors even smaller.  Turmeric, a key ingredient in curry powder is also known to have anti inflammatory activity which helps to shrink fibroids.

This is one more reason to follow a mostly plant based diet of unprocessed foods, like is the case in rural Africa where uterine fibroids are rare.


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