Could President Lungu’s relaxation of preventive measures had been motivated by mischief?

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Political scientist Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa believes that President Edgar Lungu could use the current Covid-19 deaths to halt the holding of the August 2021 elections, hence his relaxation of the preventive measures.

Dr Sishuwa said President Lungu’s decision to ease the measures put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 could be a ploy to create an environment good enough for the mass explosion of the virus in Zambia which could then result in him postponing the elections.

Writing on the microblog, Twitter, Dr Sishuwa said “In attempt to delay the election, President Lungu could be relying on Article 81 (2) of the Constitution, notice how eager he was to emphasise the coronavirus as a “war against the country” in yesterday’s address.”

Under Article 81 (2), with a mere simple majority, the National Assembly could vote to postpone the holding of a general election for not more than 12 months when the Republic is at war.

Dr Sishuwa questioned the idea behind the easing of the preventive measures adding that President Lungu could be motivated by the spread of the virus after relaxation of the measures and call the polls off.

Dr Sishuwa was referring to the recent relaxation of church gatherings by the President. In his address, Lungu said churches may resume gatherings provided they oberseve the measures such as social distancing and the likes.

However, Sishuwa thinks the President was motivated by mischief. “When it comes to mischief, he is very creative. Otherwise, his decision does not make sense. Going by the public response so far, many would rather see churches closed. The question is: what motivated President Lungu to reopen them?”

He added that in such a situation, the ruling party would then approach the Constitutional Court to help it postpone the polls.

“Would the spread of the virus accelerate if churches, which facilitate mass gatherings, were not reopened? The limited transmission of the disease so far has been encouraging. That could change with the relaxation of the measures that were responsible for the limited transmission,” he charged.


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