Coronavirus kills 800 within 24 hours

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By Asa Manda

800 deaths have been recorded in 24 hours marking the worst day since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Italy, according to information reaching Zambian Eye.

COVID 19 commonly known as Coronavirus case was first recorded in China. China however on Friday reported that it had discharged the last patient.

There is panic with health personal trying to cope up with the situation. In a photograph that is circulating on social media, a health personal is seen breaking down while a colleague is trying to comfort her.

Italy is the most affected and efforts to combat the situation is recording little progress.

US has banned all flights from China and European Union countries.

Africa according to World Health Organization this week alone recorded about 455 new cases. Some countries such as Kenya and South Africa have suspended all flights from the affected countries.


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  1. Our Government is playing with this Corona virus please Mr president why sending minister to Namibia were there is Corona virus?am on my knees ban all long journey outside zambia.look developed country like Italy they have failed to contain it.please this is my cry for help.

    Cosmas Kabaso
    March 22, 2020 at 9:59 pm

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