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Copper mining firms urged to scale up production

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Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Chipoka Mulenga has challenged mining firms to rump up copper production and reach the 3-million tonnes target per year, now that Government has scrapped off mineral royalty taxes in the 2022 National Budget.

Mulenga says the New Dawn Government wants the Mining sector to thrive and expand production so that more jobs can be created and contribute to economic development.

Speaking when he met management at NFCA Africa Mining in Kalulushi, Mulenga said the Mining sector must take advantage of the removal of the mineral royalty tax to increase production especially that copper prices are high.

Meanwhile, the Minister has promised to liaise with his counterparts at the Ministries of Justice and Mines over the alleged encroachment at NFCA Africa Mining in Kalulushi by another Chinese Mine.

Earlier, NFCA Africa Chief Executive Officer Hu Guobin said about a third of the mine area has been allegedly encroached by Zhongui Mine.

Hu said his company got its licence in 1998 but Zhongui Mine got their licence in 2015.


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