Confusion over Nakacinda’s seat in Parliament

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By Cassidy Banda

Patriotic Front (PF) Nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakacinda is believed to have stabbed Republican President Edgar Lungu in the back by crossing the floor in the National Assembly from the ruling parties side to the opposition.

Nakacinda, who is the national secretary of the Felix Mutati-led faction of the opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) was nominated by Republican President Mr. Edgar Lungu to replace his boss Felix Mutati who was dismissed.

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, United Party for National Development (UPND) Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu on Thursday, the March 15, 2019 raised a point of order in which he wanted the Speaker to rule over Nakacinda who had seemingly crossed the floor.

“Mr. Speaker tagging on the very elaborate ruling you made in the case of Hon. Chishimba Kambwili last week, I would like to pitch your thoughts pertaining to this issue, Mr. Speaker I am aware that the President of the Republic of Zambia using this particular provision and nominated Hon. Nakacinda to this House based on Article 69,1,2,3 from the National Constitution of Zambia. And now we have Hon. Nakacinda as an Opposition member in this House contrary to the spirit, Presidency and the pronouncements of the House, therefore, was Hon. Nakacinda in order to be in the House as an Opposition member and nominated to oppose government by remaining on the opposite side instead of him being on the ruling side because President Lungu nominated as a Patriotic Front nominated Member of Parliament?” Mwiimbu asked.

In response, the speaker said he would not rule on an ex-tempo basis, but needed to study the matter.

“Clearly I cannot rule on an ex-tempo basis, I need to study this matter and therefore, I reserve my ruling,” the Speaker said.

However, Nakacinda’s move to cross the floor has not gone well among the ruling Patriotic Front Members of Parliament. A named PF MP said Nakacinda is a seasonal crook and the intelligence should have discouraged President Lungu from Nominating him.

“I saw this coming. Nakacinda is a well documented crook. If you remember Prime TV exposed him that he had stolen money from a Kabwe window and had been convicted and even served a sentence. I wonder if the Intelligence screened him, because if they did, they would have discouraged President Lungu from Nominating a Ex – Convict to Parliament because it is against the Constitution for a Ex – Convict to serve as a Member of Parliament,” the MP said.

Another PF MP said that Nakacinda is used to stabbing People who help him.

“Nakacinda is an ungrateful chap, who is a well decorated backstabber. To me he’s stabbing of President Lungu for nominating him into Parliament by crossing the floor and start supporting the Opposition in Parliament doesn’t come as a surprise. It is in the public domain that after Ba Nevers Mumba introduced Nakacinda to Politics and gave him the position of MMD Spokesperson, how did Nakacinda say thank you? He did so by stabbing him in the back and started supporting Ba Felix Mutati. After ba Mutati became MMD President, with Nakacinda as National Secretary of the MMD. How did Nakacinda say thank Mutati, he stabbed him in the back by saying lies to state house and Mutati got dismissed. Nakacinda even went a step further by accepting Mutati’s job as a nominated MP without the approval of his boss ba Mutati. Now that President Lungu has appointed him a Nominated MP, how has he said thanked you? By stabbing President Lungu in the back by crossing the floor in Parliament and opposing Government in Prliament. So to me I blame President Lungu for appointing a well documented stabber. We hope President Lungu revokes the nomination of Raphael Nakacinda as a Patriotic Front Member of Parliament. We also hope the Speaker will make a landmark ruling of revoking this Presidential nomination of an MP who has been mischievous in Parliament. If Kambwili could be thrown out of Parliament without evidence what about Nakacinda who has physically moved in Parliament from the PF side of the floor to the Opposition side of the floor. So President Lungu should save his legacy,” the MP said.


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