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Conflict in one part of the world is conflict everywhere – Lungu

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27th March 2024

Allow me today to humbly and gladly commend the 14-member United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for passing a ´ceasefire resolution´ to immediately halt the bombardment of Gaza by Israel.

“It is with deep regret that I and many other peace-loving people around the globe note and still mourn more than 32,000 lives that have been lost needlessly since 7th October, 2023 (six months) when the hostilities commenced between Israel and Hamas militants. Nevertheless, it is heartening to appreciate that the hostilities must end now, even though the initial plan is to respect the holy month of Ramadan and then hopefully a permanent long-lasting truce secured”.

As a former head of state for a Pan African country that has never gone to full blown conflict in 59 years of independence, a Christian nation founded on traditional values of love, brotherhood and unity, we hope and pray that both Israel and Palestine shall honour their part in the bargain for long lasting peace and find a mutually acceptable and beneficial solution.

“Palestinian Hamas authorities must respect the ceasefire resolution by releasing all hostages in captivity while Israeli authorities must also pave way for relief food, humanitarian aid to be transported in Gaza to stop hopeless Palestinians from dying following this historic ceasefire.”

Zambia has a long-time honoured history with Palestine established at independence by our first President Dr Kenneth Kaunda and his counterpart, Yassar Arafat that we feel must be revived. I must state that Zambia and Palestine through bilateral relations and within the Non Alignment Movement (NAM) framework stood shoulder to shoulder in supporting liberation movements and fighting against colonialism across Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

As a member of the UN and the global village at large, we believe that conflict in one part of the world is conflict everywhere because there is no way we can sleep peacefully when our brothers and sisters, our mothers and children are perishing daily in occupied Gaza, East Jerusalem and all conflict zones.

In the words of UN Secretary General Mr Antonio Gutteres, it will be “unforgivable” for anyone to violate this ceasefire in the month of Ramadan leading to a greater truce, we pray.

I strongly agree with the UN Secretary General and pray for everyone involved in this peace process. Like many other citizens of this globe, I stand with the people of Israel as well as the people of Palestine.

Signed: H.E Edgar Chagwa Lungu-sixth President of Zambia


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