ConCourt ruling on Mwanakatwe rehearsed – Msoni

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All People’s Congress (APC) leader Nason Msoni says the ruling by the Constitutional Concourt which overturned the nullification of Margaret Mwanakatwe’s election was expected as it was dealing with what he describes as a member of the family tree.
In a statement, Msoni says the ruling by the Constitutional Court was rehearsed and connived justice dispensed shamelessly to victims of injustice.
Below is the full statement as issued by Msoni
This is exactly what is fantastically expected when systems become absolutely corrupt and absolutely rotten to the core.

This is what night justice of injustice is all about. Like witches they meet at the dead of the night to discuss  mechanisms of manipulating the truth and subverting the course of justice.

Night Judges meeting night lawyers to iron out justice and deliver injustice in broad daylight shamelessly.

Rehearsed and connived justice is what is actually dispensed shamelessly to victims of injustice.

It’s a fallacy to anticipate justice from hijacked state institutions of justice.

Literally all institutions are firmly in the backyard of state House.

Pursuing justice in our courts of law is being naive and oblivious with the reality on the ground.

It was to be expected that being a member of the family tree that is armed with state power the true victim of an electoral fraud had no chance and was not going to find justice.

We can only commiserate with the victims of injustice. In the end every one will have to account for their actions.


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