Con Court petitioned over presidential running mates

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The Legal Resource Foundation (LRF) has petitioned the constitutional court to declare presidential running mates nominations as null and void for failure to meet constitutional requirements as enshrined in article 110 (2 ) of the Laws of Zambia.

In their petition, the LRF says according the the Constitution of Zambia, all presidential running mates should have qualifications similar to those of the candidates seeking the highest office in the land.

LRF says their matter centers much on the fact that all the respondents were unveiled as running mates on the day of filing nominations notwithstanding the published calendar, adding that the respondents failed to comply with the qualifications set out.

As a remedy, the petitioner wants a declaration that the respondents have not complied the provisions of Article 100 (1) (i) and (j) of the Constitution and that their appointment be nullified and an order that their nominations filed with the returning officer be removed into the Con Court for squashing.


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