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Clint Dempsey: Texas boy who made it in Premier League

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The story of Clint Dempsey doesn’t look like biographies of legendary football players. Indeed, he was not that kind of player. Despite this fact, the forward definitely wrote his name in the history of the US national team and the whole American football. After all, it is not every season that such a talented and successful football player appears in the MLS. – any sport bet Kenya, including those that are popular in the USA. Clint began his career at New England’s Revolution. Interestingly, he signed the contract with this team when turned 21. During his first three seasons in MLS, Dempsey attracted attention from European teams. Eventually, in 2007, he went to the Premier League, where he played for Fulham for the next five seasons.

From the very first games, he became the main player of the middle-level Premier League team, which proves his talent. In total, he would play 225 games during this time and score 60 goals. Indeed, local bettors are interested in any sport, but making a bet on football in Kenya via 1xBet is the most profitable option. After all, the company generates the highest odds on the market.

Indeed, as far as Tottenham is concerned, it’s hard to call this team an English grandee. But this is a middle-level club that can regularly claim the highest places. Dempsey would play only one season there without becoming the key player. If you want to follow the EPL anywhere, then install 1xbet apk on phone.  Thus, you can always stay up to date with the events of the sports world. Including information related to Dempsey’s career, who returned back home in MLS to finish it. He spent the last five years with the Seattle Sounders, where he played 129 league games and scored 53 goals. Over this time, he tried to return to Fulham, but was never able to become a key player for this team again.

Back to 1xBet apk, it should be mentioned that you can download and install it on phone directly from the official website. This way you will be able to watch all the matches you are interested in. Talking about the American in question, he also demonstrated a phenomenal game for the US national team, playing 141 matches and scoring 57 goals in total. He is still one of the best scorers in its history.

What did Dempsey manage to win in his career

It should be mentioned at once that Clint Dempsey played only for those teams that didn’t have high chances of getting regular titles. Thanks to the information on, you can monitor the clubs’ odds for winning certain tournaments on a regular basis. As a result, the forward managed to:

  • be named the USMNT player of the year in 2007, 2011 and 2012;
  • win the 2016 MLS Cup;
  • become Fulham’s top scorer in 2011 & 2012.

This is exactly the case when personal titles and the player’s rewards are much higher than the team’s achievements. If analyzing 1xBet, it can be concluded that football in the USA continues developing. So, maybe you should pay closer attention to the local teams’ games?

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