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Clergy condemns distribution of condoms to Children below 15yrs

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THE Roman Catholic Church in Livingstone has condemned the distribution of condoms to children below the age of 15 saying it is not the right intervention for combating HIV/AIDS.

Livingstone diocese Jeff Tembo said condoms distribution to children in the country was unacceptable because was not the right intervention for combating the disease.

Fr Tembo said accepting the distribution of condoms to children would also mean that people had accepted defeat in the response to HIV/AIDS.

He said people should follow the biblical teachings of being faithful to each other and avoid sex before marriage as a condom which was made out of plastic would not help them even in their faith.

Speaking during a Youth Alive workshop in Livingstone on Friday at Cheshire homes, Fr Tembo said better methods of responding to HIV/AIDS were supposed to be put in place.

“We are supposed to put in the best method in responding to the disease, if we fail to be faithful to each other how can we be faithful to a plastic,” Fr Tembo said.

He said giving condoms especially to children below the age of 15 would be promoting immorality as opposed to promoting being faithful and abstinence.

“Allowing condoms into schools would be accepting defeat in the fight against HIVAIDS and introducing family planning services would also be accepting defeat in educating the children,” Fr Tembo said.

Fr Tembo said it was important to teach young people how to make informed decisions which they not capable of doing.

He also said there was need to ensure that they is a change of mindset amongst the young people.

“We have to go back to our values that existed in our tradition as it seems nowadays theses longer hold. We still have to go back and see if these can values can still work for this generation,” he said.

And speaking earlier, Youth Alive coordinator Sister Nirmala Tigga said an HIVIADS free generation was possible in Zambia if all the stakeholders worked together.

“The intervention of abstinence that the youths are implementing is like swimming against the current and it is very difficult thing to do,” she said.

Meanwhile, Livingstone District Commissioner (DC) Omar Munsanje said the Government appreciated the supplemented efforts by other stakeholders aimed at reducing HIV/AIDS.

Mr Munsanje said meetings aimed at serving humanity must be commended as HIV/AIDS still continued to be a threat to humanity regardless of their race, gender, religion or political affiliation.


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