City Council given two days to unblock drainages

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 The Zambian  Government has given the  District Administration and the City Council a 24 hour ultimatum to unblock  all the major  drainages in the city which has been covered by stagnant water following a heavy down pour on Tuesday.

The blockage of the drainages which is caused by litter and weeds has led to the stagnation of the water around the city including the central business district. Pool of water are seen around the city making movements difficult for pedestrian and motorists.

Deputy Minister in the Office of Vice President Harry Kalaba attributed the problem to the city council. He said the council did not do their job before the onset of the rains.

“Such an event can only be attributed to someone  not having done their job well,” he said.

Describing the Lusaka City Council as a sleeping council, the government called on officials to understand their roles if incidents of floods were to become a thing of the past. He suggested that the council engage the Prisoners from the maximum prison in the district  to do the work.

The Deputy Minister gave the council upto today to unblock the drainage by Thursday today.



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  1. These problems have become repetitive and it is business as usual by responsible organs. Fire them all so that those who replace them start with the suggested intervention. The sooner people realize that jobs will be lost if they don’t deliver the sooner the work ethics and attitude towards work will change. Just go ahead and fire them!

    Fu Manchu
    November 29, 2012 at 4:43 pm

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