Citizens have a right to kick out PF – Bishop Chihana

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Bishop Chihana

Bishop Chihana

Lusaka prominent clergy Bishop Simon Chihana has condemned  the brutality of citizens by the police.


Bishop Chihana says if the Patriotic Front has failed to deliver on it’s campaign promises the people have the right to look at the alternative. He says infringing on people’s rights to assemble was unacceptable.


Bishop Chihana said this in a statement below to Zambian Eye in the awoke of reported police brutality on the citizens who turned up for the UPND meetings on the Copperbelt province last week.


The heartless attitude and uncalled for brutality by the police service cannot go without being condemned.

The human rights of our country Zambia are rapidly being destroyed by those who desire to eliminate others that they alone should be in existence and enjoy the freedom and liberties meant for every, but this we cannot stomach and we shall resist the unfairness of the PF government on the opposition.

We strongly condemn the police brutality which occurred on the copperbelt on innocent victims.

The Executive,  must stop abusing its authority by deploying the police to victimise its citizens without proper cause.

Politics is about food on the table and if a ruling government fails to meet the demands of why they were voted into office and fails to inspire the electorate with its false message of hope, then the definite thing to happen is that, people will start looking for an alternative government. The record is clear around the world concerning street children, not all street children are without parents but some of them it is because their parents cannot provide for them and hence resulting into street vending. And is exactly the same in politics, people want a performing government which meets their aspirations, especially in job creation so that they may have food on the table.

Police brutality will not stop the citizens crying for food. People will not eat good roads as much as we appreciate the government about them, the good roads are similar to a father who buys a big plasma TV and an explorer decoder instead of paying for the education of his children or buying medicine for his sick child.

We urge the Electoral Commission of Zambia to interven on behalf of the opposition parties. ECZ must guide the nation on this matter and not the ruling party because they are an interested group also. And how can parties sell themselves and mobilise their membership if they are not allowed to market their product. ECZ must come and advice the police to stop the brutality and allow parties sell themselves freely without infringing on rights and freedoms of association and expressions.


IFCC President


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