Citizen’s arrest can only be done in a criminal matter, Munshya schools Sampa

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Canada-based lawyer Elias Munshya has castigated Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa for effecting a citizen’s arrest on an unnamed Lusaka fuel attendant because the issue was not an urgent criminal activity, threatening peace or causing danger to anyone.

Munshya says Sampa would have reported to police instead of taking the law into his own hands.

Munshya said citizen’s arrest is an unusual arrest that can only happen in instances when a process of criminal activity is taking place right at the scene.

Munshya said citizens have no right to just walk in a filling station and start arresting people.

“Citizen’s arrest can never be done in this manner. You can’t just go and effect a citizen’s arrest in this manner,” Munshya advised.

“Citizen’s arrest is an unusual arrest that must and can only be effected in the process of a criminal act being carried out. Citizens have no right to simply go to a filling station and arrest a person for criminal defamation,” he said.

Munshya says Sampa’s behaviour is beginning to cause worry

In a Facebook posting on Monday April 22, 2019 , which has now gone viral, Sampa boasted of conducting a citizens arrest on a filling station employee for alleged defaming him on social media.

“So this afternoon a petrol attendant decided to abuse social media by posting false pics on facebook claiming I had put gas in my personal car and refused to pay ” because” I am a Mayor, ” Sampa explained.

“When his post went viral, I went back to the Filling station and effected a Citizen arrest on the petrol attendant. I have taken him to Woodlands Police station for criminal defamation He is in detention and as a Complainant, I will ensure there is a logical conclusion to the case in the Courts of Law,”

And Sampa used the opportunity to warn other social media users who he claimed abuse him and that he has had enough of it

“I have had enough of malicious social media abuse on my persona and we will now meet in the Courts of law to all malicious abusers targeted at me,” Sampa wrote.


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  1. Sampa is a childish idiot. Very fitting for the useless PF party.

    April 24, 2019 at 8:06 am

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