Choma lodges fully-booked ahead of My Home Town beauty pageant

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Francis Lungu

HOTELS and lodges are already fully booked in Choma ahead of the first ever beauty pageant organised by My Home Town organisation to be hosted at the beginning of this July.

This kind of beauty pageant which is taking place in Choma for the first time has attracted guests from all over Zambia and other countries beyond the southern Africa region.

The influx of people coming for the event has increased the tourism and hospitality business in the southern provincial capital of Choma.

Other activities lined up along side the beauty pageant to be officiated by My Home Town founder and chairman Mr James Ndambo and some senior government officials include roads, street lights and a newly constructed police station.

According to My Home Town organisation media coordinator Owen Miyanza, the events in Choma have created unprecedented demand on accommodation and food stuffs and other services.

Mr Miyanza said in an interview that My Home Town organisation is immensely adding value to the local economy of Choma as demand for goods and services has also created the need for more workers, especially in the hospitality business.

Apart from the benefits to the hotel and lodge owners in Choma, Mr Miyanza says even the local food traders and suppliers stand to accrue benefits from the huge numbers of people coming for the events.

He says the concept of My Home Town is to encourage people across the country to invest and develop their areas of origin.

My Home Town organisation is funded by Africa Union Holdings Group of companies where Mr Ndambo is chairman.



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