Choma farmers to honour Sata through bumper harvest

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Maize harvestThe Choma based Macha Agriculture Camp has urged farmers in the country to work hard and produce a bumper harvest in honour of the late Republican President Mr.Micheal Chilufya Sata, reports Zambian Eye Choma Correspondent.

Chairperson Choolwe Mubambasu said President Sata died at a time his government had started responding well to the needs of the agricultural sector. He said most farmers in Macha had already received their farming inputs in readiness for the forthcoming farming season.

“I feel farmers should remember President Sata well by producing a bumper harvest for the country to benefit, he said. “As you know food security is key to national development.”

He said President Sata was a listening leader who heard the cries of the Zambian people on the poor agricultural policies his govt had implemented in the previous two years of its reign, adding that farmers in the country were looking forward to having a president of his calibre.

“He was a listening leader who heard how people complained of bad agriculture policies in the last two years of his leadership. We have lost him at a time he had started responding to our cries,” he said. “I think it is important for us to look for another listening leader as his replacement replacement , this will enable farmers effectively contribute to the development of this country,” Says Mubambasu.

He further said that the farming fraternity would make a mistake if they fail to produce enough food for the country next year.


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