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Choma Council frustrating – PF Member

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A Patriotic Front (PF) Member Lweendo Mayaba in Choma District in the Southern Province has lashed out at the Choma Municipal Council accusing the local authority of frustrating its efforts in transforming the city into a provincial capital.

Mayaba disclosed that the Council management has gone to sleep and abdicated their responsibility to clean up the town and monitor some of the ongoing Government projects.

Mayaba disclosed that the Council’s inept performance has caused the unleashing of a flurry of attacks on the ruling party, charging that the PF district leadership will not accept to have the name of the ruling party tarnished for nothing because of some un-performing workers at the Council.

Mayaba told SKY FM News in an interview in Choma today that heaps of uncollected garbage lying all over the central business district has not only become an eyesore but an embarrassment to the new provincial capital city.

He observed that it is sad that the council inefficiency comes at a time  Choma has been upgraded to provincial capital status.

Mayaba disclosed that the PF is also disappointed that while the Local Government Service Commission has ensured full deployment of all professional staff at managerial level at the Municipal Council, service provision has drastic deteriorated with key personal just warming up their seats and only waiting for pay days to come on the expense of work.

He further charged that some Officers are making fake trips in order to claim huge amount of money from the local authority.

Mayaba disclosed that the PF is disturbed with the high levels of inefficiency exhibited by management at the local authority, warning that the ruling party will not stand aloof and watch its name being smeared in the mad.

But some sources at the council that sought anonymity for fear of being victimised disclosed that the council is facing a number of challenges in cleaning up the central business district due to shortage of trucks.

The Source disclosed that the two light trucks that the local authority relies  on have broken down, thereby making it impossible to collect and dispose of garbage from the central business district.

They advised the PF to dialogue with the local authority and appreciate the challenges the Council is facing in trying to provide service delivery to the residents.

They questioned the PF Official and reporter to question the Town Clerk to explain where the money collected from the sale of plots was taken to than zeroing in on a matter where the Council was making headways

And efforts to get a comment from the Town Clerk on the matter in question proved futile as he was reportedly to be out to Office to conduct interviews on the sale of plots


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